Alogent provides proven, end-to-end check payment processing, digital, online, and mobile banking, enterprise content and information management, and data analytics platforms to financial institutions including over 2,400 credit unions, community banks, and some of the largest national and international institutions. Our unique approach spans the complete transaction ecosystem — from capturing and digitizing transaction data, to automating entire transaction workflows and making information available across the enterprise. Powered by our ‘User-First’ approach, Alogent’s solutions are channel-agnostic and customers and members choose how they want to engage - online, mobile, or in-branch - while financial institutions benefit from a streamlined and uniform workflow, regardless of the point of capture. Paired with powerful enterprise-wide reporting, predictive analytics, and data visualizations, Alogent delivers cross-channel, actionable business intelligence. Our solution suites leverage the latest in AI, machine learning and predictive analytics, enabling financial institutions to deliver products and services that boost engagement through personalization and data-backed decisions. Alogent’s solutions are versatile, scalable, user-friendly, and exceptionally stable. Because of our relentless focus on innovation, our clients consistently exceed their productivity, financial, and customer experience goals. Learn more about Alogent at

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