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How To Prevent Overdue and Unresolved Audit Findings
Consistently Resolve Audit Findings On Time With Less Hassle
Did you know that many credit unions struggle to resolve findings in a timely manner? It's true. Everyone involved recognizes that addressing audit findings is a necessity. But business units have their hands full with important strategic priorities, and resolving audit findings often drops to the bottom of the priority list.

But it doesn't have to be that way...

With the right tools and techniques, findings can be consistently resolved on time and as expected — without being a burden on business units.

In this FREE 3-Step Findings Management Toolkit, You'll Uncover How To:

  • Structure your findings process for clarity and transparency. Get everyone on the same page.
  • Empower your business units to resolve findings on time.
  • Set up a reminder system, so you don't have to nag and pester people.
  • Consistently resolve findings on time and as expected.
  • With less hassle than ever before!
How To Prevent Overdue and Unresolved Audit Findings

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